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Diana Chagnon

My company is unique, just as each person is unique and everyone will want something different. I will deliver custom schedules and events tailored to you--your residents, your patrons, your one-of-a-kind situation. So give me a call and let me entertain you. Together we can escape however and wherever you like.

i believe in a unique and customized reading experience for each and every client.

The Mobile Reader

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About Me

I tell people I am from Boston; however it is really a small town just north of it called Stoneham, Massachusetts.  Growing up, we didn’t have a lot of books in our house. The bookcase was bare except for, Little Tyke by Georges H. Westbeau and a book of plays. Little Tyke was a quick read that I read more times than I can remember. As a young child I would sit and read all the parts in a play for hours. When I was old enough I would escape to the library three blocks from our house. If you sat on the floor in the alcove of the children’s section you could not be seen. I would hide there for hours perusing the shelves.  It was there that I found Nancy Drew! The library was big and old with high ceilings. The granite stairs and large wooden doors were daunting for a child. The entrance to the adult section had fewer stairs, but larger, heavier doors. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to borrow books from the other side. When no one was looking I would venture to that other side, touch a few of the books and escape through those large wooden doors before anyone saw me.

In elementary school the teacher would go down the rows of students and have each of us read a paragraph from the text book we were using. I liked to read, but I was very soft spoken. During a parent-teacher meeting, my teacher expressed her concern for my "not so loud" voice. She suggested that I sit in my room and read out loud and practice. And so I did. Every once in a while I would hear my mother yell, “Diana, I can’t hear you!” to which I would speak even louder. And it worked. Eventually I was picked to read out loud all the time, and sometimes the teacher would tell me to keep going!

After high school I put myself through college attending first Middlesex Community College in Bedford, MA, where I received an Associates Degree in Criminal Justice and then the University of Lowell in Lowell, MA (now called U-Mass Lowell) where I received a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice. In the beginning I took a class with the title, "Introduction to Criminal Justice," and I was hooked. It may have been because of my love for detective stories or the fact that my father had been a police officer. After that I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do so I continued and received a Paralegal Certificate.  In the end I decided on a career as a Juvenile Probation Officer and figured the best way to get to know kids of that time was to first become a substitute teacher. There I met all kinds of kids. My absolute favorite times were reading time. All the kids would gather around and I would read to them.  My voice always demanded attention and they were easily drawn in. I was captivating my audience and taking them to places they had never been before.

I was now getting older. I was still too young to be a Probation Officer; at the time the age requirement was 27 and law school was a whopping $33,000 per year. In the meantime I stumbled across acting classes as a hobby. Life doesn’t get any better than performing on the stage-and I had the voice! As luck would have it, I found an agent (Wow!) and boom! I was doing print work, industrial videos and extra work in TV shows. I was headed down a fantastic path a little too late in life for I soon realized that my biological clock was ticking. It was now or never if I was going to have children. This is where my two boys came along.

With my boys I again had a captive audience. I read everything and anything to them. The most fun we had was reading a book and then seeing the movie. We would read all the classics like The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo and then compare the book to the movie. Nine times out of ten the book was better. When the boys were five and four years old we starting reading the 3rd most popular book in the world. Yes, I am sure you can guess it…The Harry Potter series. I would read it aloud and then we would see the movie. The books were published over a span of 10 years. At the end my boys were fourteen and fifteen (pushing 15 and 16) and yes… as crazy as it sounds, I read that last one to them as well. There was a lot of hemming and hawing, but we got through it.  In my eyes we had to complete the series together. Besides, I don’t believe you are ever too old to be read to.

A lot of time has passed. I have had a lot of different types of jobs and changed my career several times along the way. I enjoyed being a member of many a book club and have made lots of friends in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, California and Florida.  To this day I still Skype with my friends in the New Hampshire book club. While in California I even had a second stint in acting, got an agent and performed again on stage. It was surely the time of my life and my kids were able to see me perform.

I moved to Florida in August of 2011. What I have found here is that the community consists of a lot of people in the latter years of their life. Because I love books so much I volunteered at the library, just so I could be in the vicinity of books. I could touch and feel and smell them. Patrons would ask me to help them find a certain book. The look on their face when I pulled that so desired book from the shelf was priceless. It begins with surprise, switches to joy and transforms into gratitude. I could do that all day long, but needed to earn a living.

Why the Mobile Reader? I put the two things together that I love the most-entertaining and books.  As I said, the older generation makes up a large part of our society, especially here in Naples, Florida. I enjoy their company very much. They give me great pleasure. So, if I can make one person’s life brighter by taking them to a place they would not have normally gone and they like it? Wow! If I can put a smile on someone’s face and know that I have made them happy, again, wow!  What better way to spend my time!

At this point in my life I don’t just want to earn a paycheck. I want to do something that makes people happy. After I assist them in their great escape to another place in time, and I leave them for the day, I want to think that they are saying, “That was fun! I can’t wait to do it again!”

Please note-I am also certified in First Aid and CPR AED